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Moving on… and Changing

Pirates Beach, Galveston, Texas

I started my new weight loss journey the second week of January. Mentally I knew I wasn’t ready the first week. Lame I know… but we are keeping it honest here. I am happy because I am doing well. I am losing and I am succeeding. I think what is different this time is that I am not being hard on myself. As a matter of fact, I am just taking each day one at a time and I am not putting pressure on myself.

I am using the old Weight Watchers points system PointsPlus. I had a lot of success with it in the past so I am going back. Things are different this time and I am going with the flow. I have to keep reminding myself that life happens and sometimes curve balls are thrown. I just duck and move on.

So far I am down 12.6 pounds for the month of January and I am thrilled. Thrilled because it has been a no pressure situation. If I go over a point, I go over, if I don’t eat enough I don’t. If I want something unhealthy I have it, but I have small serving, and I move on. I am making better choices, choose this, not that. This has been amazing for me. I am not denying myself anything.

My family has joined in with me which is always a nice surprise and a lot of help. This is the longest I have stayed on track in a long time and I am excited for what is still to come.

Sometimes we just need a peacefulness within to be able to move forward with our goals. I am doing everything I can to remove as much stress from my life as possible. I have been looking for different ways home from work trying to find the path of least resistance. I realize that the path doesn’t really matter, what matters is how I handle the path. To be stressed or not to be stressed? I will get home when I get home. I will reach my goal when I reach my goal. Again, the path of least resistance and I will get there when I get there.  I think we could look at most of our situations in life and see that the path will be determined by how I handle it.  

Always keep in mind that some days are easier than others and each day is a work in progress.